Friday, 22 July 2011

MUA Professional shadow palette

Heyy! Firstly, I want to apologise for my absence from blog and also Youtube. I've been busy with personal matters in my life but hopefully I will be blogging and recording a lot more now!

I went shopping today and after watching SWALKERMAKEUP'S recent Youtube haul, I had to buy the MUA shadow palette. I purchased mine in Superdrug for £4. I would definitely agree with Sara that the palette is very similar to the Urban Decay Naked palette but there are no matte colours. I'm going to start using this MUA palette and save my Naked palette for special occasions as I've used it non stop since I got it (which was in September).

I think for £4 you can't go wrong with this palette. Although I haven't tried the shadows out just yet, the pigmentation looks pretty amazing and I don't think I would be all that fussed if they are prone to creasing as it I guess it is a bargain!

Let me all know what you think of the palette and any of the other professional products they have brought out! xxx

Monday, 4 July 2011

Sixth Form Prom

Good day everyone :) Thought I would do a post on my prom. The venue was held in Leeds at a hotel called Bewleys. The night was amazing, everyone looked lovely and we all had a great time dancing and getting a little bit drunk ;)

Its such a shame that the night we all actually got to spend a night together as a whole year group, was the last time we would ever be together again. If you anyone is interested where I got my outfit and accessories from, check my latest YT video, it was a haul.

Thought I would share some photos of the night :) ....

My outfit.

My girlies :)

Getting a bit of fresh air out on the balcony :)

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

How I clean my brushes...

I seem to be on a role with this blogging!

I was cleaning my brushes yesterday and I thought, why not take some photos for my blog. There are so many different ways to clean your brushes and also lots of different products you could use. This is just a simple way I found of doing it, so I thought I would share.

Firstly you need your dirty brushes....

I use a little pot that we used to use for our pet birds, which had their food in. I have recently (past few months)bought Mac's brush cleaner, which I think is absolutely amazing. It's so much quicker and it leaves the brushes feels really sort and clean.

I literally use the smallest amount of cleaner and it goes such a long way. I dip the top of the brush into the cleaner and then start to wipe it on an old cloth. The dirtier the brush the more times you might need to soak it in the cleaner.

The whole job takes me about 5 mins and once they're done I just place them flat on the dry side of the towel and leave for a good few hours. Hope this was helpful guys!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Top 5 Summer lipsticks!

I thought I would show you my top 5 Summer lipsticks that I have been loving. Some of them I have had for quite a while and some have been fairly new as its not been the best weather to have worn bright colours. My favorite colour is Vegas Volt and it was the first Mac lipstick I ever purchased. Its such a gorgeous coral colour and its not overly bright (like morange) and looks great on a night out. Saint Germain and Snob have to be the classic pink girly colours for summer and look great with minimal makeup and just add a pop of colour to a very plain outfit. Although, I think they don't look as great with a tan as it sort of makes everything look over the top.

I'm not usually a fan of glitter in lipsticks, I think they can look quite tacky and cheap but I love the collection 2000 lipstick in the colour passion fruit. The sparkle isn't that noticeable but I think it makes it a bit more wearable and looks great on a night out. Lastly, Coral reef by Sleek is the best cheaper end brand I have ever come across in terms of lipsticks. It is so moisturising and is like a lustre finish as it adds a really nice glossy sheen to the lips :)

(Click on the image to get a closer look) :) x

Lazy day in the sun!

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence from my blog and also my Youtube. I have been so busy with my final year exams but I can now happily say they are finally over :)

I knew if I even did one or two blog posts during study leave, I would just get into the whole blogging fever and it would very much distract me throughout the exam period. Anyway, I am now going to have so much free time to do blog posts and I'm wanting to start doing OOTD'S but it rather difficult as I don't have a tripod but we shall see!

Today has been the first actual day that I have been able to just chill out in my garden, reading my book and attempting to get some colour! I'm not the best at sun bathing as I just get really sweaty and stuffy and can't keep still, hence why I'm blogging :) I love it when the way weather starts and all the flowers in my garden start to come out, its so pretty and colourful.

I really need to record a Youtube video, I will definitely get one up this week. Does anyone have any suggestions for videos or blogs they would like to see? x

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Glamour Magazine goodies!

Just a quick message to let you all know that Glamour are including benefit freebies with their magazine this month. They are selling Benefit high beam,Benetint and Posietint which comes to a total of £28 if you were to purchase the products from an actual Benefit counter.

:) xx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What a life saver!

If you haven't heard on my Youtube, I have had a disaster with my skin! I usually have a really good routine with my skincare but recently I have been venturing into different products to try getting better results but unfortunately my skin wasn't very happy about the idea and I got loads of spots and really dry skin. This is so odd for me because I am not usually prone to spots. I get the odd one here and there but never anything to get upset over. Anyway... I recently discovered Cetaphil in my local supermarket (Asda) and it was only £4.

I've heard a lot of good things about this products so I immediately grabbed it and headed for the nearest checkout. I've also had to return back to my Neutrogena 2 in 1 cleanser due to the disaster but all is getting better.

Bye for now! xx