Wednesday, 29 June 2011

How I clean my brushes...

I seem to be on a role with this blogging!

I was cleaning my brushes yesterday and I thought, why not take some photos for my blog. There are so many different ways to clean your brushes and also lots of different products you could use. This is just a simple way I found of doing it, so I thought I would share.

Firstly you need your dirty brushes....

I use a little pot that we used to use for our pet birds, which had their food in. I have recently (past few months)bought Mac's brush cleaner, which I think is absolutely amazing. It's so much quicker and it leaves the brushes feels really sort and clean.

I literally use the smallest amount of cleaner and it goes such a long way. I dip the top of the brush into the cleaner and then start to wipe it on an old cloth. The dirtier the brush the more times you might need to soak it in the cleaner.

The whole job takes me about 5 mins and once they're done I just place them flat on the dry side of the towel and leave for a good few hours. Hope this was helpful guys!

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