Monday, 27 June 2011

Lazy day in the sun!

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence from my blog and also my Youtube. I have been so busy with my final year exams but I can now happily say they are finally over :)

I knew if I even did one or two blog posts during study leave, I would just get into the whole blogging fever and it would very much distract me throughout the exam period. Anyway, I am now going to have so much free time to do blog posts and I'm wanting to start doing OOTD'S but it rather difficult as I don't have a tripod but we shall see!

Today has been the first actual day that I have been able to just chill out in my garden, reading my book and attempting to get some colour! I'm not the best at sun bathing as I just get really sweaty and stuffy and can't keep still, hence why I'm blogging :) I love it when the way weather starts and all the flowers in my garden start to come out, its so pretty and colourful.

I really need to record a Youtube video, I will definitely get one up this week. Does anyone have any suggestions for videos or blogs they would like to see? x

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