Thursday, 31 March 2011

Beauty UK- Metallic eye sparks

So a few weeks ago I popped into my local Superdrug. I can go into Superdrug with nothing particular in my mind, just a simple look around but then come out with a much loved product. I never usually look at the Beauty UK line, as the packaging isn't enough to attract me. Anyway, I had a look as there was a half price sale on and came across some amazing metallic eye pencils. They come in a range of colours such as blue,gold,green, grey and purple and I think they look amazing as a base when creating a smokey eye! Ash (my sister) picked up the green and grey one and I only got the copper colour as I thought it would go really well with some of my urban decay eyeshadow's. The standard price for these eye pencils are around £2.50, which is a bargain. I've been wearing the copper pencil as a base on my eyelids, with half baked over the top and a nice brown colour in the crease.

I recommended you go check out these products! very much worth the price!


  1. That looks like something I'd definitely use!

  2. Thanks for the review! We've got bigger new stands with a new range of products going into Superdrug next week so hopefully our products will stand out more! Make sure you follow us on Twitter (@beautyuktweets) and Facebook (facebook/beautyuk)


  3. Alexa, such a wonderful combination of white and grey hair stlye. That is perfectly matched with your make up.