Thursday, 10 March 2011

Loving it, loving it, loving it!

Hey everyone!
I was originally going to do a Youtube video to show you some recent products I’ve bought and that I think are amazing. As usual my camera was been silly so I thought I would just take some quick snaps of them and a express my love for them.

First product is from No7 and it is an eye shadow in the colour Khaki (number 40). The name gives the colour a way but it is such a nice colour, as we are now entering spring and the gold reflects in it looks beautiful once the sun hit it. It isn’t the best eye shadow, in terms of pigmentation but it was cheap as chips so it’s all good. Just make sure you use a primer before!

The second product is from Sleek and it an eye dust in the colour Tigress (number 688). It is a lovely glittery copper colour and I would definitely recommend these eye dusts, as their fairly cheap and (around £4-5) in all fairness I would say these could be classed as a dupe for the Mac Pigments as they stay on pretty much all day and give a lovely glow to a natural matt eye shadow. I’ve also been wearing them over the top of paint pots and eye shadows and it looks fab!
Keep updated! xx

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