Friday, 4 June 2010

MUA - £1 makeup range!

I am loving the MUA eye shadows that are a pound in Superdrug. I was a little worried when I saw they were priced so cheaply but they're really good products. I don't know about the other makeup cosmetics they sell but the eye shadows are deffo thumbs up! The pigmentation is amazing so it's really quick and easy to apply, although it is a thick consistency which does make it difficult when blending but I think I'll be able to get over that seen as though they're only a pound. I bought a very dark shimmery green colour which looks really nice on and a light iridescent colour for the inner corner of my eye and just under my brow. What do you guys think to the products?


  1. I really like this.

    I have some of their e/s too in like a beige and shimmery brown colour. What shades are these that you have used? They look lovely and for £1 I will go and purchase!

  2. They're really good but the only thing I would say about them is deffo put a primer on before using them. The green colour is in shade 14 and the lighter colour is in shade 1. x

  3. wow, this really makes your eyess pop + stand outt!
    your eyess look beaut, so layed back and yet looks so effectivee:)
    andd for £1?! you'd never had guessed!
    hehee:D i followedd, it would be lovely if you could check out my blog, i just began last nightt:S