Thursday, 17 February 2011

My everday makeup at the minute...

So I thought I would do an update on the make-up I've been wearing daily. I've started going through that "Can't be bothered stage", where I just want to apply something simple to the eye lids and everything else fairly natural. Especially with my early mornings for college, I'm half asleep when doing my make-up so I guess simple is the lazy option for me :)

I purchased a Mac paint pot in Groundwork a few months ago and I didn't think it was the right colour for me, until recently I have been matching it with Satin Taupe. It gives it that little extra intensity and the paint pot acts as a good base, so the look was right up my street for college days! All the other makeup shown is something you may have seen me use in my Youtube videos, nothing fairly new apart from my Topshop foundation brush which appears to be fairly good so far!

I really need to get my act together with this blogging business, so sorry for the slow updates!

Hope your all okay and stay tuned :) xx

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