Saturday, 22 May 2010

St Moriz instant self tanning mist (New product)

Hey guys!
As I said in my haul video on YouTube, I was going to try and get the new St Moriz product that has recently come out called "St Moriz instant self tanning mist". I bought it yesterday for £2.99, which is the same price as the normal St Moriz mousse. I will be testing out this new product and will make a video on YouTube about my thoughts and whether I recommend the product to you guys! So stay tuned...


  1. id love to know what you think of this as i keep wondering whether or not to get this for my sister as shes a fake tan addict and if its awful she will just end up moaning at me haha x

  2. Well I've not tried this product out yet but some time next week im planning to apply it and see whether I like it as much as the St Moriz mouse. It just depends on what your sister prefers (mousse or spray) Im a mousse fan myself but I'm willing to give the spray ago. I should have a review video on YouTube by next week. x